Cleaning Your Glasses

We know children are active; they run, jump, climb, fall and more! This is why our team takes time to show each child how to clean and take care of their glasses while they’re waiting for theirs to be made! Start by safely removing your glasses by using both hands to grip both side arms and pull the glasses straight off, rather than using one hand. This will prevent any uneven wear and keep glasses fitting properly. Proper cleaning begins by running your lenses under warm water. The dry the lenses using the cleaning cloth that was provided to your child in their Thrive Kit. This is a special, soft, lift-free cloth that is perfect for cleaning lenses. We explain to our children – do not use your t-shirt or paper towel to clean your glasses. This will scratch the lenses and make the lenses harder to see out of. 

And most importantly, when they’re not on your FACE, they’re in your CASE!