Meet Keymontay

When Keymontay first stepped on-board our Mobile Vision Clinic in Belleville he was wearing a pair of broken glasses that he had literally duct taped together! Kemontay shared that his glasses were more than 3 years old and he was having some trouble seeing out of them. 

After receiving a full comprehensive eye exam, Dr. Gewe discovered that Kemontay’s prescription had changed by nearly two dioptometers Рthat means the prescription in the broken glasses he was currently wearing was a -5.25 and he now needed glasses with a prescription of -7.00.

Kemontay could finally throw away those old duct tape frames with the outdated prescription! After 30 minutes on board, Kemontay walked away with two stylish new frames that he not only looked good in, but that allowed him to clearly see the world around him for the first time in more than 3 years!