Teaching Children How to Care for Their Glasses

Children are active. They run, jump, climb, fall, and sometimes break things. This is why Eye Care Charity of Mid-America takes time to teach every child how to care for their new prescription eyeglasses on board our Mobile Vision Clinic.


Let them CHOOSE

Children will obviously be much more likely to take care of their glasses if they like them. Children who receive prescriptions on board our Mobile Vision Clinic get to select a frame of their choice. ECCOMA has a selection of over 200 designer frames to ensure that every child picks out the pair that is perfect them!

PRACTICE how to remove

Show your child how to use both hands to remove their glasses. Have them grip both side arms and pull eyeglass frames straight off of their face, rather than using only one hand. This will prevent any uneven wear and keep glasses fitting properly.

SHOW how to clean

It’s important to teach your child how to clean their glasses. They should begin by running their lenses under warm water. Then dry the lenses using the ECCOMA cleaning cloth that was provided to your child. This is a special, soft, lift-free cloth that is perfect for cleaning lenses.

TEACH how to safely store

Remind your child to keep their glasses in the case provided by ECCOMA whenever they are not in use. This is very important so the lenses won’t get scratched and dirty. It is also a great idea to include their name and phone number inside the case so they can be returned if they are ever lost.

By teaching kids these basic tips, taking care of their new prescription glasses will become second nature. While we emphasize the importance of taking good care of their glasses, kids will be kids – and accidents happen. Children with special needs or very high prescriptions are given two pairs (so that one can stay at school and always be at-the-ready when it’s time to learn). And any child who breaks their glasses gets a free replacement in the mail within one to two weeks – no questions asked!